Monday, 30 March 2015

From this life to next..............

Certain situations make you question your existence on this planet, the reason for it. It was a pleasant evening today, the Doon chill was in the air, very encouraging to go out on a walk. I was encouraged! After a good half an hour walk I felt it was time to head back home.
Lost in my own worries and whims, oblivious to the world around, I walked. Going further ahead, my attention was drawn to something that was being probed and inspected for life. My curiosity furthered up my speed, and as I approached the spot, I saw a street mongrel moaning and crying in pain. An elderly gentleman and his wife were trying to find out what was bothering the poor little thing. I joined them. With every touch, there was a dull cry that sent shivers down my spine. It had a bleeding jaw, but what caused it to be immobile was still unknown. We lifted it, checked it for a broken spine, but nothing made sense.  The concept of ‘People for animals’, was out of question. Everyone wondered if it even existed in station. Random people passing by would stop, look and go (if only they’d followed the same at the traffic lights). But no one helped.
We managed to call a vet. He was too far off. We were ready to drive the distance. Life is worth preserving. The dog made the dull aching sound again. My heart hurts, just thinking about it. Someone managed water. We poured it around its mouth since pouring it in would send it in shock.
I noticed its eyes roll over, but they would still fall back. It was juggling between hanging on and letting go. The tongue was turning blue. The jaw still bled. It seemed like we could do little to undo the damage that had been done. It seemed to be a victim of reckless driving, a very disturbing site indeed.
I wished that its pain would go away, that it could rest in peace forever. I reassured myself that maybe, it was done with its business in this life and it was time to move on. And then, as I was still thinking it to myself, it took a deep long breath before letting it out, one final time. It was time to go.  
We requested one of the shopkeepers there, if it could be covered till it was taken away from the site. And then we got on with our chores.

On my way back, I wondered if I could talk to animals; tell them to stay off the road. I wanted to tell them that nature had given them as much right on the ground they walked on, as us. We were the intruders. I wanted to assure them that staying away would be their best bet to a better life. A speeding car spoke more value for time than for life. Animals would listen. They are way more close to nature than us. If only they could speak!