Monday, 9 March 2015



Greetings to one and all!
This post is dedicated to the two lovely ladies, who have encouraged and inspired me to start blogging, Here is my version of an 'ode' to them and the block where it all started. Happy reading! 

It is not always that you find like-minded people around you, but when you do, you must enjoy every bit of what the platter has to offer. I for one, am definitely savoring all the delicacies that my two lovely neighbors, Na.. (aka. Idli) and Sa.. (aka. Suji) send across. Not just literally, but metaphorically as well. I’m talking about the three stooges, who can crack into the silliest of selves, yet never shy away from the intense world changing, thought provoking discussions.
Our wedding to the respective olive greens introduced us one year and eleven months ago, when we first moved to MHOW to block number- 205. Never had I thought then, that this block would witness the endless ‘gup-shup’ and giggling, sessions over some awesome ‘chai’.
Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Punjab, forgot all distances and differences in the name of language and faith and came together for some good food and great company. Here at Block number-205, both are a treat! 

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