Monday, 23 March 2015

Tickling the taste buds.

I relate happiness with food! Not only do I (and many others like me) like to treat my taste buds with new dishes, but I like to experiment new cuisines as well. Kitchen has been a second lab to me (The first one being my professional home for the last few years). 

But one Indian savory that has maintained its place in my heart and my taste buds tickle at the very thought of it, is the humble Golgappa! The round and crispy flour shell filled with water, that has a perfect blend of sweet, sour and tanginess (I am Drooling!!). 

It is nothing less than an explosion of taste and flavours, the perfectly proportioned Indian spices with an after taste that ensures you want to have it even after a meal (or you can make a meal out of it, I DO!).     

It is not only the tempting taste, but the way it is served and consumed that makes Golgappa an ever favourite with most people. The vendor carefully punches into the flour shell (ensuring he doesn’t break the whole thing), then fills it with some boiled black gram and mashed potatoes, before dunking it through a pot of a liquid that is sure to make anyone slobber (I am, as I write about it!). Eating the Golgappa is as much fun. You never bite through it, but stuff it into your mouth, relish it and ensure no one is taking your picture while this happens.

An uncle on his visit to India wondered why people had flocked a street vendor, on a later summer afternoon (Golgappa’s have no season, no time as well). After careful observation, he came home and told everyone about the dish being served with something that looked like ‘sewer water’ to him. He was also amazed at how people waited long for their turn to have it. Not only did that start a laughing riot, we took him back to the Golgappa wala and ensured there was another Golgappa fan added to the list.

Whether it’s a day out with your girlfriends, or a casual visit to the market for groceries, Golgappas need no reason. People like me can even plan a trip to the market only to savour the ever favourite, the superbly awesome, the ‘soul’ food, Golgappa!!        

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