Monday, 9 March 2015

The Berozgar's Diary

I'm taking everyone fast forward through time. We've bid goodbye to block no- 205, the previous station and all our friends there. Over to a new place,a new group of people and nostalgia is making its way into my head. 

Waking up to an ‘unsnoozable’ canine alarm, a morning walk, a refreshing play of throw and fetch, quick breakfast and off to work.  This is how my morning started. It seemed as if time went by too quickly, that the days were too short and even before you knew; it would be time to sleep. Evening time brought some pleasant chit chats with neighbours, which would sometimes turn into very heavy discussions. I enjoyed it all, every bit of it. Weekends took us to a different world all together. Saturday night would graduate into an early Sunday morning and as we all moved back home, we’d count our accomplishments with some amazing trolls and howlers.
Mhow gave me much more than I could ever imagine. Our first ‘home’, first pet dog (will need a separate post to introduce him), innumerable silly fights and make-ups, a bunch of great neighbours and umpteen amounts of memories to take along. It was definitely a high peak on the sine curve for me.
But life calls for balance, and as it was time to leave, a part of me knew things would change, while the other part contested it. As our ‘treasure’ laden truck made its way out of the neighborhood, I took time off from the utter chaos around and was almost in tears as I saw my husband come inside the house. It was our first move together; the feeling of leaving the ‘first’ house and the ‘first’ set of friends that I made, ever since I became a part of the organization courtesy my wedding to an olive green.
A brief stay at home to take care of my ailing mother-in-law and I was all set to join my husband at the ‘brand’ new station. We were heading to Dehradun, where I knew I’d be able to utilize my academic skills a lot more than I did in Mhow. I wanted to make a difference and I was all set for it. Doon as they call it is a hub of educational institutions, so I guaranteed myself a job even before applying for one. Little did I know that my ‘sine’ curve was on a decline and it would test my patience for quite some time. 
Life had been very kind to me and I acknowledge every bit of it. I sailed smooth from 12th standard into honor school at department of biotechnology where I did my graduation, post graduation and ultimately doctorate. I could not imagine the struggle that people went through, exam after exam, till they passed over the age. I thanked God, anyways.

But nostalgia, as I understand now, is so much like English grammar; you find the past ‘perfect’ but the present ‘tense’. Yet to be allotted an accommodation here at dehradun, I miss our first home and our dog (who was being fostered by my parents) but most of all, I miss my friends, the lovely ladies who taught me more about life that any books ever would.

With my husband out for the entire day, my only company is the troop of monkeys who pay regular visits to the mess, creaking and squeaking their way out as they are shooed away. Every morning I wake up and check my email for any response to the institutes and companies that I have applied to. With every decline, I start my hunt for a job afresh. 

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