Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Big Grin at the BIGRIN !

I’m back to my laptop, my fingers quickly roll through the keys as I can hear the sound of rain falling on the rooftop, with an Arijit Singh rendition playing in the background. His voice is soulful. That however, is not the reason why I’m writing. I am attempting to pen down the coziness of the Bigrin, a cafe here at Clement town (honestly I had lost hope, a little too soon though) that is sure to get you into a nostalgic affair. 

The mild drizzle yesterday evening was an invitation for some really good coffee. We wanted to head out to the nearest café and be home on time, other commitments followed. And then out of nowhere one of us with the Mentos effect (Dimaag ki batti jalade), remembered, ‘there’s a very small place right here in Clement town, but I guess you’ll like it’. Like it, No! We loved it!!

After battling to park our car in the busy and narrow street, buzzing with students, we made our way into the place. A warm and laid back affair, all set to swing you along, with some fellow guests on a six-string, a book in hand with a zillion on the shelf next to you, soaked in caffeine. This is precisely what BIGRIN offers. Their walls speak their testimony, with snippets on tissue papers telling the tales of friendship, love and warmth. Bigrin just brings it all together.

A humble but diverse menu, they remind us that sometimes all you need is some comfort food and the ‘poor man’s tea’ to go along (they did not forget the coffee lovers, offering six different ones). Maggi and chai were our choice for the day. The drizzle called for it. Something like the ‘Chai-Samosa’ affair at the 'Chemistry' canteen at Panjab University. It is quite a romantic entanglement and has witnessed many as well.

Food always makes memory (good and bad both!). The first bite of the meal and the first sip of chai took me almost a decade back. I was reminded of the college time when cozy food and a good company meant the world. Life was simple. We were a gang of four, (what people called us; amuses me every time I think of it) and I instantly picked up my phone and sent them a picture of the modest meal, laid in front of me (God bless whoever made Whatsapp). For my memory, it was priceless!

For now, the rain has stopped and on special demand I’m heading back for more memories. Bigrin is calling me back. Ciao!

(Kept my camera handy again! Enjoy!)

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