Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness…but why?

Wondering what has got me to pen this down? It’s the persistent make believe statement, that we all need to find our happiness!! And why….you ask? Because it is a hard to find, RARE commodity, that requires a lot of blood and sweat to be achieved.
I mean seriously? Who makes up all that stuff?!
SO coming to the point… here are certain questions that I’m throwing at you…that have got to make you wonder why being happy is not that big a deal as it is considered to be.
Okay so has it ever crossed your mind, why “crime investigation” shows are selling like hot cakes?
Why the newspaper headlines always and always talk about death, rape o
r murder? And why would an approaching stranger bring doubt and fear as a natural response?
Why have we been made to believe, that happiness is that faint light at the end of the tunnel and we need to suffer and walk through utter darkness to get to it?
Why are happy people considered away from reality? And why is positive thought such an effort for us?
In case that has got you thinking…I believe I have conveyed my point… but let’s probe it a little further.
The answer is simple. We have been made to believe (through generations and generations) that the world cannot be happy on its own. So it has been infested with this plague of despair so that all of us are on a lookout for a relief.
Crime shows warn us to be careful so we look at every stranger with an alienated eye. The news papers have made us believe that this world is like the BIG BAD WOLF and so the poor little Red Riding Hood is always on the run! They have coloured our vision so dark that any light that passes through it, cannot reach our mind.
But is this how it really needs to be?
In case you answered YES…. You should probably quit reading further, but if you’re one of those who can see ‘that light at the end of the tunnel’, trust me, the light is yours to take!!!
So here is what we can do…
Can we have a newspaper that delivers only good news? Don’t you feel that warmth when you ready about something happy?
Can we in some way, teach our children to trust, love and be happy for no particular reason at all? (this would require loads of effort since it would be difficult to unlearn what has been etched in us…through generations)
Can we remind ourselves that life is to be lived and not fought with? ‘Get out of that cushy flimsy world and face the real life’, I’ve heard that phrase a zillion times.. and that only tells me that we have made our minds believe that our lives are a fight and we need to slog it out, day in day out!!! That last bit is true though. To achieve something, you need to put in the effort.. but why make the whole deal sound like you are going to WAR?
The world is not as gloomy and depressive as we have made ourselves believe. This is the only side of the coin that we have seen and believe that exists. SO leave that shrug, be your own SUPERMAN or SUPERWOMAN and get out there because someone has got to make everyone believe that fairytales do exist and there’s a HAPPILY EVER AFTER and it starts with YOU!!!!  

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